Psychological Support Centers (PSS) Project

Funded by the United Nations Population Fund, PCF implemented the Psychological Support Centers project in Ibb-Taizz  governorates, which targeted more than 25,500 beneficiaries during 2020-2021  . The PSS centers are considered one of kind as they cover a big gab in the arena of specialized mental health services in the targeted governorates.
These centers are considered as  essential seed for improving the mental health, as it provides services free of charge to all society groups without discrimination. The PSS centers have  an admission department with a capacity of 25 beds, for GBV  female survivors  who are considered  the most vulnerable and most in need of psychological care. The  PSS centers works with a specialized cadre and under the management of the Psychiatric Care Developmental Foundation and in coordination with the Ministry of Public Health and population and the health office in the  target governorates.
The PSS  centers provides :
Specialized psychological support services ( day and night emergency care - psychological counseling - psychotropic medications - rehabilitation and community integration - medical examination - individual psychological support and counseling sessions
Non-specialized focused psychological support services (case management - group support sessions - Psychological First Aid).- Taizz).

Target Group

Survivors of gender-based violence and psychopaths


Project Objectives

  • Creation and operation of psychological support centers in Ibb, Taizz governorates on a 24-hour basis.
  • Design and implementation of rehabilitation and psychological support programs in conjunction with the pharmacological treatment plan for mentally and behaviorally disturbed persons.
  • Psychological counseling and family counseling on psychological and behavioral disorders, their manifestations, effects, risks to the family and society, and how to deal with them.
  • Enabling the family and society to participate in the rehabilitation and care of  GBV survivors , mentally and behaviorally disturbed persons.
  • Provide a place that enjoys privacy and reserves the confidentiality of the patient's information.
  • Providing comprehensive and integrated psychological care, accommodation and rehabilitation service for the patient.



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