Saturday, 04 December, 2021

 As part of the 16 Days Campaign to Combat Violence against Women Awareness sessions continue for the beneficiaries and their families in the psychological support centers (Ibb-Taiz)

Where awareness was raised about the role of women in society, as they occupies a key role in building her family and taking care of them, through what falls upon her as a mother of the responsibility of raising generations, and what she bears as a wife in the matter of managing the family, and with the progress and development of societies, we find that women have not only committed to their duty She has a great social role in various fields, and based on her scientific, cultural and social qualifications, her roles in society have diversified at various levels.

It was also commended to strengthen the social role of women and support them on a continuous basis and work to overcome the difficulties they may face, such as traditions and social norms that nullify the entity of women and impede women's self-realization, in addition to the difficulty of reconciling the family role and social activity.

It was also emphasized that supporting women and giving them the opportunity contributes to the cohesion of the family and society.




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